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Real World Ludum Dare 30 Gatherings [37]

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
July 21st, 2014 11:47 am

While Ludum Dare is typically an online event (make a game from the comfort of your home), many real world events happen around Ludum Dare. Here’s the list:

If you want your event on the list, post a comment letting me know where your event is. Be sure to include a link to further details (either here on the blog, or elsewhere).

65 Responses to “Real World Ludum Dare 30 Gatherings [37]”

  1. lun says:

    Hi, guys!

    Omsk, Russia,

  2. Eric Lathrop says:

    Louisville, Kentucky
    Organized by GameDevLou, hosted at LVL1 Hackerspace
    Event page:

  3. YarharALC says:

    I can’t find “657 Bryant Street” on street view. Help with my first world problem?

  4. AsixJin says:

    I hope a real world meet up gets posted around my area!!! If I had money I’d go to London!!

  5. pizzalicious says:

    We’ll be meeting up for Ludum Dare 30 at 804RVA Coworking space in Richmond, Virginia.
    Snacks and high fives abound.


    more info tba at

  6. tarraschk says:

    Hello ! Parisian chapter here.

    We’ll host again the Ludum Dare 30 and have a Meetup dedicated for this occasion:

    Could you add it to the article? Thanks.

    • Melang says:

      Anyone from Belgium who wants to go to LD meetup in Paris? We could go together, not necessarily as team (i’m a programmer by the way). I speak english fluently, my dutch is so-so, and my french is awful but i usually can understand it lol.

      Add me on skype if interested: melang1111

  7. anlumo says:

    I’m hosting an event at Metalab in Vienna, Austria

  8. Rufdawg says:

    Nashville, Tennesee

  9. ASajbel says:

    The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment will be holding a event for Ludam Dare 30.



  10. Skyfish says:

    The hackerspace Bitraf in Oslo, Norway, has a free local casual event

  11. poemdexter says:

    Location: Dallas, Texas – The Dallas Society of Play @ Improving Enterprises

  12. xandy says:

    Location: Mannheim, Germany – RaumZeitLabor

  13. Phyyl says:

    Is anyone interested in organizing/joing one in Montreal CA ?

  14. sandaz13 says:

    We’ll be getting together in Peoria, Illinois at the MWTMC Makerspace for Ludum Dare 30! Snacks and soda aplenty will be in supply.

    Location: Bartonville, IL (‘suburb’ of Peoria)

    Contact us if you’re interested in coming out so we can make sure there are enough seats.

  15. pedersen says:

    Aarhus, Denmark at Open Space Aarhus hacking fueled by club mate


  16. jcsirron says:

    We’ll be opening up the Tinkermill hackerspace in downtown Longmont, Colorado again!

    Meetup with specific details:

  17. vinull says:

    Knoxville Game Design (Knoxville, TN) will meet for the kickoff and again on Sunday. More information at

  18. nixone says:

    Bratislava, Slovakia:

    Nice to see you there!

  19. emmelineprufrock says:

    Lexington, KY here! We’ve done a few Ludum Dare’s and we’re happy to be hosting a location again this year. More information here:

  20. Rani_Sputnik says:

    Wellington, New Zealand! The times work out quite weird in our part of the world but it’s the start of student break so hopefully we can rope a few in! More info here

  21. blahoink says:

    Boston, MA, USA @ Coalition Space. EventBrite & venue details & details incoming, just have to iron out a few more details and some logistics.

  22. doctorpangloss says:


    Los Angeles, CA – workpop @ Venice Beach.

    We’re an LA startup with game dev roots. RSVP for entry!

  23. Tommislav says:

    Real World Gathering in Stockholm, Sweden!
    Hosted by Isotop.

    Info and registration details:

  24. christopf says:

    Kassel, Germany is participating!

  25. Ariedhan says:

    Pallet Express with Singular Games is having an event too in Gran Canaria, Spain!

  26. xrosee says:

    We’re hosting an event in Beijing!
    Many thanks to Tech Temple for the venue!

  27. haifive says:

    Shark Punch is hosting an event in Helsinki! Big thanks to HUB13 & Reaktor for helping us make it happen!

  28. ghostmaple says:

    Tallahassee, Florida – Having a LD30 kickoff get-together 8pm-10pm at the Barnes & Noble at Tallahassee Mall.

  29. Auckland, New Zealand – running alongside an event called KiwiJam!

  30. justinde says:

    Cleveland Game Developers
    Shaker Launch House – Shaker Heights, Ohio

  31. Recon says:


    WWWWWWWWW <——-
    GGGGGGGGGGG <—— Yes, it's a flag
    | <——-

  32. Democritus says:

    “Karlsruhe, Germany” has a site at teh “GEElab Karlsruhe”. It’s pretty much filled up but just so you have it on the list.

    More info in this signup form:

  33. Scarfront says:

    Here, have another one. Graz, Austria – Spektral

    It’s not much but at least it’s happening. :)

    More details here:

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