So, please, Move! Post mortem

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July 20th, 2014 5:10 am

I know the event is not finished yet, but I’ll write it anyway.  I have nothing else to do at the moment 😛

It is the second time I hit the “submit” button and this time I think I can consider myself proud of this. My first game didn’t go very well. Lots of bugs, missing levels, features not present due to the lack of time. Things that happen to all of us during our first experiences. But this time I think it is different. I used a different approach. Instead of hard-coding the game for two days without any break like the nerd-est person in the world, I prefered writing a book-like game. No more advanced breath taking bind blowing physics (ha-ha) and graphics (double ha-ha, but it actually took me half a day and a lot of energy just to draw the player animations, lol).

Just THREE simple images(I drew them in two hours) and text. A lot of text. It was pretty simple to display it on the screen, since I was using my beloved SFML library (I fell in love with it at first sight 😀 ).

So… what is the text all about? Knowledge, my friends. Knowledge, and a bit of quantum physics.

Will we ever run out of new things to discover? I think it is the same question as “will we ever run out of new music?”. I don’t know. Who knows. We just know that everything, every discovery, even the “impossible” ones, like finding out more about the dark matter, for example, CAN be achieved.

They say our imagination is our limit. I don’t think it ‘s true. Maybe it’s like knowledge. Like music.

All we know for sure is that we have to keep moving, never stop, don’t look back for too long, since maybe we are the only human beings in this universe who can take the full controll of it.

That’s all.

Oh, and yeah, I quoted A.Einstein in the last part of the game, regarding the implications of quantum phyics in the macroscopic world.

I hope you like this entry and please, the most important thing: let me know what you think.


See you the next ludum dare 😀

3 Responses to “So, please, Move! Post mortem”

  1. Doomista says:

    I like the story of your game. But I think you could add some gameplay in it. I code in SDL, with my own engine, because SDL is very user unfriendly (unlike SMFL, but I never got used to it) and I can guess, that rough coding of So, please, Move! could také only 2 hours tops, so you got plenty of time to add some very basic adventure features like exploring the room of young child and the study room of old professor, allowing player to use some object and be rewarded with brief information on what it is and what the person in the room thinks about it.

  2. 0bl1v1on says:

    A little more gameplay is never a bad thing, as Doomista said. I haven’t played it yet though, so I can’t judge! I’m still coding away – got about another 10 hours. I’ll definitely let you know what I think though!

  3. Available0xFF says:

    I used SDL for a while, but then I switched to SFML because it has more features ( e.g it has more control of the vertex and pixel stages of the pipeline which, if I remember correctly, you can’t use directly in SDL).
    At the moment I’m not going to modify the game, but you gave me a great suggestion. Maybe I’ll add some gameplay, more levels, more things to do, in the future. Oh wait, but… the future is now!

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