Re-LudumDare #2 – Reign of the Mad Chief – Finished!

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July 18th, 2014 6:16 pm

So I have been doing my second Re-LD (doing old LD themes in LD-comp time), and I finished #2!
(this post will be a bit of a repeat from my last, but arrr I’m tired…)

Construction / Destruction

You are a starting barbarian ruler, and you plan to build a grand castle!
Who has to pay for the expenses? Well, time to squeeze the peasants & raid the neighbors!
But at the end of the year they will come for revenge. But your castle should withstand that, no?

2D Terraria-block craftyish, placing structures over blocks (throne rooms, doors), or outdoors (soldier tents).
Mobs/soldiers move in clumps and fight whatever they bump into (opponents, doors, etc) – if they get to the throne room / command tent you are dead!

I got music & sounds & archers in this last day, and plenty of balancing, so I am pretty happy. Did this one in Jam time again (3 days instead of 2), that seems to be more my pace. Tomorrow, Jod and I will be doing the Mini-LD together. Arr so much LDing!

>Play it!<

(linux built also on page)


The common interface, where you can build things & do realm actions.


The combat interface. Units have spawned!


Some filthy peasants knocking on the door while being hedgehogged by archers.


Let me know what you think in the comments!

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