I Need Some Help with the MiniLD, Please!

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July 18th, 2014 8:55 pm

So, you know that game, Mad Libs? Lately, I’ve started doing something very similar to get my game ideas.
Here’s an enticing screenshot from the last game I started with this format and input from tacospice. It’s not yet finished:
The youthful minister she references is, in fact, Titan, one of Jupiter's moons.

… and then zaniness ensues when the Jolly Borg come to spelunk the world!

Here’s what I need for my MiniLD game:

authority figures (such as “police”)
adjective x 6
noun x 4
pluralism (such as: bunch, group, herd, gaggle, flock… )
proper noun x 2
verb x 3

[via IRC: awsumpwner27 “accidentally” submitted vitriol, sorceress submitted bouncers and constellation, and Bcadren submitted Congress after that, so not sure if I can use it but I’ll try]

[Update: DONE! Woohoo! Thanks Jacob123, drnick, oranebeast, Pitzik4, awsumpwner27, sorceress and Bcadren!]

It‘d be totally was awesome if that a bunch of you swooped in and each contributed several of these in the comments until there‘s were none left. The fate of my game is was in your hands, Ludum Dare! 😀

4 Responses to “I Need Some Help with the MiniLD, Please!”

  1. Jacob123 says:

    Run, Obama, llama

  2. drnick says:

    Cribriform (“shaped like a sieve”)
    Ethmoid (also means “shaped like a sieve”)
    Piriform (“shaped like a pear”)
    Interstitial (located in the space between two objects)
    Parasympathomimetic (that acts imitating the effect of the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for sexual arousal, appetite and other “feed and breed” behaviours)
    Communitary (pertaining to a community)

    the 1914’s Christmas truce of World War I

    Useless Loop, Western Australia

    Proper nouns:
    Jiggawatt (because LD wouldn’t be the same without our dear Jigga)
    Purkinje (a famous 19th century scientist)

    To defenestrate (the act of performing a defenestration, some dictionaries only have “defenestration” but obviously the verb must exist)

  3. oranebeast says:

    Adjectives :
    Freindly (Its also an adverb, Kind of a trick word.)

    Event :
    Treaty of waitangi (or for an easier aprroach, The Civil Rights period)



    Proper Nouns :
    oranebeast – PUBLICITY YEAH!
    Rutherford – New Zealander that split the atom


    There you go, Hoped you liked them.

  4. Pitzik4 says:

    Authority figure: Caligula. (You wrote “figures”? I don’t know how many you mean, so I’ll stop at one.)
    Nouns: Finger puppet, towel, compound crossbow.
    Pluralism: I don’t think that’s a type of word…
    Title: Friar.

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