Re-LudumDare #2 – Build, Raid & Rule

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July 17th, 2014 6:01 am

So I have been doing my second Re-LD (doing old LD themes in LD-comp time), an this is my progress on #2!

Construction / Destruction

You are a starting barbarian ruler, and you plan to build a grand castle!
Who has to pay for the expenses? Well, time to squeeze the peasants & raid the neighbors!
But at the end of the year they will come for revenge. But your castle should withstand that, no?

2D Terraria-block craftyish, placing structures over blocks (throne rooms, doors), or outdoors (soldier tents).
Mobs/soldiers move in clumps and fight whatever they bump into (opponents, doors, etc) – if they get to the throne room / command tent you are dead!

Started yesterday afternoon (CET, about 24 hours ago). Doing well, a bit short on time (I have got about 3-4 hours to go, maybe 8 if I shuffle some).
Engine: Unity3D, primarily in 2d mode. Most art is mine, only the wood/stone textures are free stuff, and NGUI for UI.

Finish basic fight mechanics, balance them a bit. Then hopefully add some archers / more complex opponent units.


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3 Responses to “Re-LudumDare #2 – Build, Raid & Rule”

  1. oobie says:

    You would not mind if I used your idea? I mean go through all the old themes??

  2. Pitzik4 says:

    Hmm, a buildy-blocky game where you force the NPCs to get the materials for you instead of smashing together your own twigs and bark to make a pickaxe? Never seen that before. Nice use of the theme, too.
    I use Linux, so I guess I’ll have to wait until the next time I get on Windows to play any of these Re-LD games. :/ Oh, well, I can wait.

  3. Joror says:

    @oobie: Of course not! I have not been the first one to do it either. :) The ‘LD Catch-Up’ is very similar:

    @Pitzik4: I use Unity, so I can make Linux builds too! No way to really test them, but I will add them! (see: for link for the first Re-LD)

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