Re-LD #1 – In a Jam? Make it a Jam!

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July 14th, 2014 7:49 pm

So my self-set ‘Deadline’ for my Re-LD #1 (doing Ludum Dare #1 on me own, as if it were a LD right now), has passed, and this is the result:

The Theme: Guardian

My game concept: You are a guardian spirit for a small starting town, you can curse & bless the villagers to assist them in their struggles, and the pending Demon Invasion that only you know about.

Progress: As usual, my concept was way too big for the time given (about 1.5 days, sorta a 36 hours LD) Plus spent time on things that are not really that important, like name generators, and prettier models, instead of a 2D solution which might have been faster.
I got a nice little economy simulation going, where villagers pick a job, a house to live in, age, consume, and start reproducing. But I need to beef up player involvement, or it is just a village-watching-game.

The decision: I could say that this is my deadline, tough luck, and stop the game devving. Or I can say that I am doing a ‘Jam’ instead of a ‘Compo’ (though I don’t think there was a ‘Jam’ for LD#1 ;)), and allow myself one additional day.

I like the concept enough to stretch it a bit, and give myself 6 additional hours tomorrow to wrap things up.


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  1. Newt_ says:

    I like your idea for a re-LD! Game looks great as well.

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