How retro can you go!

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June 20th, 2014 6:27 am

Amazing, I had no idea this was happening right now and only yesterday I was discussing all the old computers I attempted to learn programming on.

Tempted to do something this weekend for the retro challenge, which can only mean a game for the ZX Spectrum written in sinclair BASIC.

Speccy BASIC was my first experience of programming and taught me all of the terrible habits I spent the rest of my life unlearning. I haven’t revisited it since, to see if I can apply some actual programming knowledge to finishing one of the many games I started in the late 80s / early 90s

1 REM I posted this on a RPS comment thread yesterday (as JamesTheNumberless)
10 CLS
20 PRINT “You are in a room, you can go north, east or west”
30 PAUSE 0
40 LET A$ = INKEY$
50 IF A$ = “n” THEN GO TO 100
60 IF A$ = “e” THEN GO TO 200
70 IF A$ = “w” THEN GO TO 300
80 GO TO 30
100 CLS
110 PRINT “You fall down a hole in the ground and die.”
120 GO TO 1000
200 CLS
210 PRINT “A tiger leaps out and eats you, you are dead.”
220 GO TO 1000
300 CLS
310 PRINT “You found the grail. You Win!”
320 GO TO 1000
1010 PRINT “press y to play again, any other key to quit”
1020 PAUSE 0
1030 IF INKEY$ = “y” THEN GO TO 10
1040 REM The measure of a real program is whether or not it ends in “GO TO 10″

Would you believe it, I think I’ve still got it!

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