UPDATE: The developers apologized and took it down, so Happy End for me!

I was quite happy with my Ludum Dare 28 entry Ballkeeper, scoring #12 Overall and #9 Fun. It was even featured as a Chrome Experiment which gave it a larger exposure. Many of you commented, that it would make a great mobile game and I’m currently working on a mobile version which I planned to release the next weeks.

Ballkeeper Ripoff

But guess what: It already got shamelessly ripped of by some guys from Brasil and they even had the guts to publish it under the same name, both for Android and iOS and even registered a domain. Game clones are a pretty common thing, especially with games that are easy to implement. They’re a nasty thing but it’s part of the biz. But publishing it under the same name, not giving credit to the original anywhere: That’s just pathetic.

Even more pathetic, take a look at their App Store text:

Just a game that you have only one ball, so don’t lose it. When you destroy a ring a new ring will apear, helping you to keep alive in the game.

And my Ludum Dare text:

You only get one ball, so better don’t lose it. […] If you finish a ring a new ring will appear, helping you to keep your ball even longer.

… nuff’ said! I would be interessted to hear your opinions on this, especially if you have experience with such kind of things. And if you’re planning to port your Ludum Dare game to a mobile platform: Do it quick 😉

9 Responses to “Ballkeeper Ripoff: Now available for Android and iOS!”

  1. Optimus6128 says:

    That’s sad. It’s not the first time this happens, but they didn’t even bother to change the name.

    App stores are like the chicken with the golden eggs. Many people want to make small games or ripoffs and make money. Well, who doesn’t? But then I see some famous games that made money and later I discover that they are ripoffs of an original game nobody knew and that game didn’t succeed. So it’s like a combination of cheap ripoffs and marketing.

    I never published a game on android or iphone, even though I was thinking to get into this industry when I didn’t have a regular job. I am not sure what happens in these cases. Maybe you can improve on the game idea and publish a better version than theirs, with a different name.

    • dancan12345 says:

      Yeah its a real shame that someone actually has seen this game and done this to the game. Its just taking advantage of someone else’s good idea

  2. Tifu says:

    Wow… people suck =/

  3. fysx says:

    Actually that is not pathetic. It is mean!

  4. MercuryLegba says:

    This is simply criminal and actions should be taken.

  5. NicoM says:

    Are there complaint forms for the apple store or google play? This is definitely worthy of some action being taken!:(

  6. MercuryLegba says:

    Problem hopefully resolved. The “developers” apologized and took it down.

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