Light Runner Post-Mortem

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May 20th, 2014 5:46 pm

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I made Light Runner and with the results out I have come back to do a post-mortem.

First off, I managed to get top 500 in innovation and humour, top 1000 in all but graphics. I see this as positive, though certainly room for improvement.

So, here’s what went right:

  • Using Java, a language I am fairly familiar with.
  • The concept was solid. Without a solid idea this would have been a total flop, glad I was able to come to something decent quickly.
  • The sound effects, surprised my audio score was so low. Maybe the music brought it down.
  • The lighting also gave a good mood I think.

And wrong:

  • The graphics. I really need to take more time to make some quality graphics next time. I’m not an artist, but that doesn’t mean I should spend 10 minutes on the background of the game and never go and fix it! I think I rush due to watching too many timelapses.
  • The music, another thing that needed more time.

All in all, this Ludum Dare went decently. I need to not rush so much next time, and I can make something better hopefully. See you in August!


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