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May 19th, 2014 1:13 pm

Warning spoilers and loud language below.


What does a warehouse full of radioactive tutu wearing ninjas have to do with my post compo update? NOTHING!**

But this sample of some new commands does:

Consider, Train, & Kill

Sick of that tutorial woman talking about her favorite game? MURDERED.



A cute little teddy stranded in your inventory? FREEDOM FOR THE BEARS! I wonder what else you can give…



Feeling a bit tired from all the reading err murdering and pasting? REJUVENATE!

Yeah no gif for this one. Use your imagination!

Skills & Skill Reset

Need to reveal really far back, to dig up stuff beneath the surface  of time but just got your slay on? ADAPT AND OVERCOME!



Wordwrap, Spelling, & Placeholders

Words. You can read them as intended now, whole. Spelling – fixed. Placeholders – eliminated.



1800 Lines of code, 1200 statements,  complexity, and other data I’m not yet sure how to interpret. But look! I’m in the green hoop sometimes! If I can’t green hula hoop, life is not worth it.  Thanks source monitor you give life purpose again.


*The surface of Cuer is radioactive. That’s why the game takes place beneath the surface.

**Oh wait there is a radioactive heart…I wonder what that’s for?

Holy crap that blue bird with feathers website!  I always for get to say Follow @Crefossus . Not this time. If you got this far you know you want to increase my followers over 11. We can do it! You can help! If we get to 100 I might ask for money to make stuff. Oh wait…I’m not supposed to say that here. Are you delving me? Get out of my head! Stop seeing what’s beneath the surface.

After today I can’t make that joke anymore. But I probably will anyway.


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