Ludum dare voting

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May 19th, 2014 5:00 pm


what keeps going through my mind

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  1. alvarop says:

    this is depressing

  2. WhiteWolf93 says:

    same for me, i thought i made a pretty well game and now i’m almost decided to leave the game design world…

  3. SenorDiablo says:

    But you did make an awesome game, everyone did. There’s no reason to leave because of other peoples opinions/ not enough voting

  4. WhiteWolf93 says:

    awesome game? I felt like everyone lied in the commentaries when I saw the ratings. This happens to me wherever I go, with a 48h, 2 months work or whatever. I’m disappointed, and now I dont know what I did wrong.

    I don’t understand anything.

    • TobiasW says:

      Okay, since it seems you’re not able to see criticism, let me filter it out for you:
      – jumping is a little tricky at times
      – I found if you where standing right beside a guard and shooting at them the bullets wouldn’t effect them.
      – It’s pretty resource-consuming
      – Was glitchy and itchy as hell for me :(
      – But men those jumps almost killed my spacebar
      – the physics are very wonky
      – the physics are just terrible. Some jumps are occasionally higher than normal, but you need them to get through the lab. And a bunch of other things like shooting in front of a guard is void make the game feel very glitchy.
      – I did have an issue with trying to get back out of a hole, and I don’t know if wall-jumping was intentional or just a collision detection artifact, but I was able to use that successfully sometimes to escape.
      – The physics where a little buggy
      – Some of the jumps were a bit tricky
      – I got stuck on a lot of jumping parts, which is never fun in a platformer game.
      – The physics are rough. Jump is not very responsive to button held length, and keeps going up after release. Also jumping on stairs is an issue. Putting a small delay going into your ‘in air, not able to jump state’ can help solve that and also give the player a little slack when run jumping from ledges.
      – collisions where a bit chunky
      – experienced some minor glitches, sometimes falling through those wooden platforms.
      – But the controls were really poor – the jumping was not consistent, and many times it was hard to do even a simple jump. Also, the game was laggy for some reason.
      – The controls felt a bit clunky when jumping, and I did not like the stairs not being able to be ‘walked over’ without jumping.
      – The graphics look good, but it’s just a post-processing effect easily attainable with Unity. Your stairs can only be walked down, and not up. The side platforms aren’t implemented as one-way platforms, so they are quite annoying. There’s only one kind of enemy. It’s a quite generic platformer.
      – jumping was inconsistent and I would often stick to walls. The frame rate also slowed pretty badly during the boss fight.
      – The motion (especially the jump) seems a bit buggy/laggy

      Also: #65 in audio is great, and #130 in graphics might seem low, but 3.93 is nearly 4 stars, and uh, 4 stars is pretty great. Many people found it fun too (4, probably 5 stars), but a lot were affected by glitches and had problems with the controls, so they rated lower (2, 3 stars) – hence why that’s “only” 3.5 stars.

      • WhiteWolf93 says:

        I see, those glitches and bugs that i couldn’t figure how to solve :/, then i’ll study some of the issues and do something about it to be able to do better for the ld30. Really thank you! I found other issues apart from what people said me.

        The game was not original by the way but that’s it, it’s my first ld and i was really mind-closed to ideas. Thank you again Tobias ^^

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