So as some of you may know I put out a open call like a weak ago to get turned on any awesome LD29 games I might not have played. My goal was to play as many as possible (and attempt to beat them all) and then come up with a top 10 in each category. Well, I’ve played 350 games (third highest reviewer of this LD), played every game that was requested by somebody in that post (Which was a lot, thanks for the interest), and I’ve beaten most of the games (There is one LD game I know for sure I’m the only person who has beaten…), and now I’m compiling my video of my picks for top tens in each category and it looks like it should be done… in more than a couple hours.

D’oh :/

I’m still going to finish it and share it with you guys, I just really really wanted to have it done before the end of judging seeing as interest in such a video is liable to drop off very very fast after judging is over. So for those who are among the 350 I’ve reviewed (or anybody else who is interested) please keep an eye out for it, the results of judging will not influence my top 10s which I’ve already decided. Thanks for being such an awesome community, guys, and I hope you like the video when it is finally done. :)

3 Responses to “D’oh! I my video compilation of top 10’s won’t be finished before the end of judging! :/”

  1. TobiasW says:

    Which one is the game that only you’ve beaten?

    • joe40001 says:

      @TobiasW it was:
      The Money Beneath Our Ground

      Read my comment on it’s page to learn more.

      Thanks for the interest, the video is almost done hopefully it’ll be out in the next couple days. 😀

  2. Taugeshtu says:

    Hey, soooo, where’s the video? :)

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