Underrated LD games

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May 14th, 2014 12:25 am

With everyone posting their top-5 lists of best games (that mostly look similar to each other), I ‘ve thought about composing a top-5 list of games that could use more user ratings.

Infantile Oceanic Feeling

This is one of those ambiguous audio/relaxing experiences, but it held me for at least 30 minutes trying to make a self-sustaining ecosystem. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful and underrated game in the jam.

Seven Souls

Seven Souls is the winner in Mood section for me. A very stylish and depressing game, with an interesting take on dialogue/puzzle mechanics.


Although I don’t like platformers (sorry), this one did some nice experimentation on the gameplay. The only platformer in the jam that left me wanting more from the mechanic.

The Moustache Rebellion

Can’t say much about this one – it is a nice, polished puzzle game, and I have no idea why it has so few votes. Not really related to the theme or innovative, though.


This game has an interesting and somewhat innovative concept, but be sure to check the rules/instructions before playing – seems that everybody have a hard time figuring out what to do.

Trapped Under Ice

This is a bonus entry, just because I like seals, and this game has the most beautiful seal in the world. Also, the gameplay is pretty interesting (although somewhat hard).


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  1. v_n_j says:

    Well, it’s obvious with Infantile Oceanic Feeling, The Moustache Rebellion and NerVS. They don’t rate others games at all :( and this is somewhat contradictory to the very idea of LD.

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