Hey unity devs! please export to linux!

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May 13th, 2014 5:25 pm

This is a reminder to unity developers, there is NO webplayer for linux(yet?) so please, make a linux build, its not that hard =).

Linux users like to play games too!

Simple instructions to build for linux:

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6 Responses to “Hey unity devs! please export to linux!”

  1. rojo says:

    Cool info. For some reason I guess I was under the impression that I had to build on the target OS for it to work.

    Aside from that, I think the main reason people don’t build for Linux (myself included) is because they don’t have a Linux box set up, meaning that they can’t test their game on the platform. Linux being fragmented the way it is seems like it introduces a ton more risk of something not working given that Unity is technically only officially supported for Ubuntu. If something is buggy in your build for whatever reason, it’s probably going to hurt your ratings, even if it’s only buggy on that one Linux distro, for that one person, and ratings are important to some people.

    • Pitzik4 says:

      Unity is pretty consistent with its output across platforms. Worrying about bugs on Linux is being hyper-paranoid.

    • r0x0r says:

      You could just clarify it’s not tested on linux.

      Maybe you could ask people at irc to try it first or if you are intrepid just run it from a livecd of linux, without even installing it =).
      I played a lot of unity games on archlinux without any problem, and it’s a distro that it’s not even supported by them.

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