Whoops I wanted to do this earlier, but at least I’m still timely.

I absolutely love mystery and crime-solving games. I was delighted when I realised the Below The Surface theme allowed me to make a mystery game of my very own; and during the voting process I was magnetically drawn to other games that eschewed ‘Surface’ as a physical location, and took it to more metaphorical places.

These five games are my favourite of those that I’ve come across, and I’ve awarded them all the It’s A Mystery Award!


Agent Thursday
Really solid noir interrogator. Is both closely tied to and cheerfully ribs the genre, with some amusing characters to grill for info.

Beneath the Surface (Spaceship Edition)*
Features a delicate balance between finding out about the true intentions of your space exploration crew and pissing them off (with fatal consequences). Incredibly solid atmosphere.

*Subtitle mine, for clarity’s sake.

They Beep.
Who’s the robot? Is they guy in the toilet a robot? Will you use your terrifying robot powers to increase company morale? Who the hell broke the photocopier again?!

A randomly-generated murder mystery system! I love logic puzzles like these – with enough detail for me to need to take notes, but not enough to have things feel obfuscated. The way characters are presented (and that the main character reminds me of Agent York from Deadly Premonition) are bonus points.

Sub Rosa
Gothic mystery! The atmosphere is thick and heavy, and the generated cases mixes things up. Could show some awesome potential with new clues and extra sound design.

Beneath The Surface: A detective story of video game conspiracies
Noir detectives meets video game meta humour. Definitely worth a play to see where it goes with its graphical style.


And, of course, there’s my wonderful and sexy neon-noir visual novel, Thought Police. Check it out, if you haven’t yet!

I’m sure there are many more awesome mystery games submitted that I’ve not seen, so if you know of any, please tell me in the comments – I’ll definitely check them out.

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