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May 12th, 2014 8:41 am

Here is the link to my game :


I’m mixed for this jam. On the one hand, i like the game i made, on the other hand i wish i could made a better and a longer game.



First, i have learn to never work with someone when you don’t know his capacity. I lost a lot of time and i didn’t know where i was going because of his inexperience. (I didn’t blame him, it’s was cool to work with him.)

Then i was too ambitious, so the game tooks me one week to finish everything i planned.

And I need to organize myself better in code and for tasks to be relax when i work.


The Game

My first goal was to give a real adventure feelingĀ  (like in Thief : the Dark Project) for a 2D game.

So I think the two first part of my game should be better with a step by step gameplay : i mean you don’t control the boat or the diving bell but the character and you have to do different actions for get where you want.


The story was not clear and a lot of people didn’t know what to do, i have to think about it next time.


I know the diving bell controls are frustrating, i was trying to do something cool, but i failed :D.


Finally here is the three features i wanted to implement to the game :

-Pad control

-More living World

-Better transitions between levels and text on the screen.


For the rest i’m proud of the result because i learned a lot.


Thanks for your reading.



Concepts art by LeHobbit



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