Switcher Post-Compo version ready!

Posted by (twitter: @ehtd)
May 10th, 2014 8:00 pm


A new version of Switcher?

It has music?!!!

After some days of work a new version of Switcher is ready 😀

You can play it here

I hope you enjoy the improvements!


switcher 2


2 Responses to “Switcher Post-Compo version ready!”

  1. Crefossus says:

    Very nice. It’s amazing how much the music and sound effects improve the game. The new background/street looks great too. It’s getting pretty polished.

    If you plan on working on it any more I suggest feedback for getting hit/integrating that feedback with the UI. I honestly didn’t even see those stats at the top of the compo game, but I did notice them in this version. This made me play until winning. Maybe the x meters to goal could be displayed large and counting down and then animate into the corner before play starts?

    When I beat it I think I also lost at the same time somehow… (both text was displayed).

  2. ehtd says:

    @Crefossus thank you for your feedback, I will definitely add the hit feedback and counter.

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