Herbert Crawler – An unfinished first entry

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May 10th, 2014 10:53 am


Due to the lack of time and several other factors, my first attempt at making a game for Ludum Dare was left rather unfinished. In Finland the competition starts at 3:00 am and I lost a few hours because of that. The first day was just making the engine and some of the core mechanics. I ordered a new Wacom tablet just before LD and drew most of the art on the second day. The animations were also coded that day. I couldn’t spend the third day just making the game. When I got home I made a test level and coded the AI for the skeletons. I made the sounds and last finishing touches at around 1:00 am and got only four hours of sleep.


I didn’t use the time as effectively as I could have. I also had trouble finding inspiration and ended up making a pretty generic dungeon crawler. With C++ it took a long time to get the mechanics coded. The competition is also a lot tougher physically than I thought and I underestimated the time needed to make a game like this with my inexperience. I think it’s best to keep the concept of the game simple and get the ruddy thing finished rather than trying to aim too high.

The game can be played here:



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  1. Robinerd says:

    Nice work, the art looks great! Next time I would suggest you to use one or several finished frameworks/engines to speed-up the process. You would want to spend very little time on the engine code and just get the core gameplay up as fast as possible, preferrably something playable already on the first day if possible. Then you can add more content and mechanics as well as polishing everything. Sounds simple enough, but it takes a lot of practice, and it’s very easy to get stuck for too long on some details.

    I hope you had fun and learnt a lot even though you couldn’t finish it all, just try again next time and most of all, have fun! Greetings from Sweden and good luck next time!

  2. drnick says:

    Your concept art has a distant resemblance to Gregory House, MD.

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