Depths Beneath Post Mortem

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May 9th, 2014 6:48 am



We are team of two gamedev guys from Russia with holy dream of there own game with blackjack and hooks. And so we made “Depths Beneath” for the LudumDare 29 Jam.



made a lot
Even though we were making some stuff for the first time – we made a lot: upgrades, coins, wrenches, fuel, different levels, ending, silhouettes, moving camera, ect.

addictive gameplay cycle
Dive – collect coins – buy upgrades – dive deeper – collect more coins – buy more upgrades – and so on

sound effects
At first we used SFXR, but effects were not very good. We change it with more cool and atmospheric from the and liked it a lot.

At first player could launch hooks by clicking in the direction and it was not that fun.


We rethinked this ability and made it an auto-hook!


managing resources
So that you need to choose what you move towards currently – to repair, refuel or go for the gold

goodies between levels
After the first time you see it – it gives you more of a purpose to go down

sweets_small_di3 – adds more drama



too big for 2 people
As it turned out the initial idea was too big to make for two people in three days. We worked really hard 12+ hours a day, but still didn’t have time for the “gameover” screens that explains why you start again, as well as some warning text in advance, particles, correct invincibility, easing, etc

neither bad nor good visual
Haven’t spent enough time thinking about art and whole visual of game. Immediately started drawing and failed in the end, when whole game looks like it was gathered from different places

3rd day was monday
There were not enough time because we were working that day – but still spent 8+ hours after work on a LD game until the deadline

“collect all” bug
(still exist lol)

Almost impossible to complete the jam version (whiners :-P)


End thoughts

There was no blackjack -(

In the process we panicked about a few things – for example when all sound effect were distorted in the game and we didn’t know it needed 16bit 22khz mono .wav but managed to solve all the major problems.

Anyway making the game was really fun and we will definitely participate next time with a smaller idea. Hopefuly.
Currently, we are working on an super awesome post-jam version (for mobile)
You can checkout jam and post-jam versions here:

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