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Note some things may not be 100% accurate as I just did this for fun and not cookies. Why won’t you give me cookies? Oh you’re broke too? Wait what am I doing with my life again?

Decent chart with ld dates http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludum_Dare (oh dear you know it’s going to go well when there is a wiki link right?)

Ludum Dare at archive.org


24hr Compo in April  2002

Judging Categories:

– Gameplay (the grand prize essentially), Adaptation of Theme, Originality, Art, Sound, Code,  Polish


July 2002

Overall, Gameplay, Fun, Graphics, Sound, Technical, Complete


November 2002

Overall, Gameplay, Fun, Graphic, Sound, Technical, Theme, Cosmetic, Complete


Mechanical cat does some hosting?


Minimalist categories

2004 ish?

  • Fun,Innovation,Production (graphics, sound, polish)


July 2006:

Noted this information which is still in great contrast to today:

Obviously it wasn’t allowed before this and at some point this changed.


2008 host?


Jan 2010

Innovation,Fun,Theme,Graphics,Audio, Humor, Overall, Completeness

First seen humor – not sure when it was introduced though

Interesting tool discussion from 2010:

Should we consider banning game development tools such as Game Maker?


August 2011

Fun Audio Overall Theme Graphics Humor Coolness Innovation Community

“As of December 2011 (Ludum Dare 22), we’ve added a new Entry Voting Category: Mood.”

August 2013

  • Mood – Storytelling, emotion, and the vibe you get while playing.
  • Community – Journals, photos, timelapse video. Everything you do above and beyond just making the game.


Some guy was QQing about getting banned from irc in 2002 ish but the thread wasn’t archived… aww! No harvesting tears from the past :( You can taste mine from the present instead.


The general feel of the competition has gone to making a game from scratch without any game engine code – to making a new game with whatever tools you want. Of course it’s without any art assets/music and having pre-declared code.


So it’s kind of less about rebuilding boilerplate code and more about making games! I like it.


Judging Criteria

What can we gather about the overall judging theme changes? Well – community doesn’t mean your game is good right? I believe this is changed to “coolness” which is just how many games you’ve rated and has no affect on your final placement, but I could be wrong as community is still in the ludum dare rules.

Minimalist category groupings don’t really work since there are many different types of games.

Completeness was totally dropped, possibly because semi-incomplete games may also be really amazing and/or it’s just unnecessary because the ratings should reflect how complete it feels overall.

I could swear there was like a health/taking care of yourself category or something idk if this was a joke one LD.


One Response to “LD Historical Rating Criteria/+Other Musings (Thanks archive.org)”

  1. deathray says:

    Whoa! I never knew….

    “Ludum Dare (pronounced ‘Lude-um Dar-ay’) is primarily intended to serve as an soapbox for my interests in dissecting game development and trying to find my own path to creating games.

    Ludum Dare is Latin for “To give free play to”, which is just about the best conversion I could get for “Independent Gaming” with my poor understanding for the language.”

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