Blender and Unity Workflow- Part 4 is up!

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May 7th, 2014 4:25 pm


Part 4 of my tutorial series on beginner Blender modeling and getting it to behave with Unity is up! UV Mapping is the topic of this segment, and you’ll have a .png version of the map ready to be painted at the end of it!


I created Sail using this process, so if you like my style of low-poly graphics and are wondering how on earth I made the models, UV’d, textured, rigged, and animated them all in 48 hours, you might be interested in this series! I’m trying to crank out a post per day for the next week, each covering a different aspect of the workflow.

Also, I’m totally open to feedback on these articles! Please let me know if any parts are confusing, or overdrawn, or straight-up wrong! You can leave a comment here, or on my site (no email or registration is required–  you can leave any or all the fields blank in the comment form), or let me know on Twitter!


UV mapping is the process of telling whatever is rendering your model where to get its texture data. A simple way to look at it is to imagine taking a cardboard box and cutting and unfolding (or “unwrapping”) it into a flat shape. When you have a more complex shape like we do with our character, you want to make sure it unwraps into a usable form. You can do this in Blender by marking “seams,” which would be the edges that you cut in the cardboard box analogy. The Blender wiki has a good but lengthy explanation of this process, but here you’ll find the simple and condensed way that I do it.

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