Author? What’s that?

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May 7th, 2014 5:48 am

I’ve noticed that some developers don’t have pages. As in, you click the ‘view all entries’ button in their entry, and it says ‘not found’. I also noticed that Pov was talking about authors. He said that there were certain criteria to become an author. I couldn’t find anything about this in the rules. Can someone please shed some light on the subject?

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  1. jugglerrob says:

    I noticed the same thing. I don’t think it was always this way and it’s very frustrating to get not found pages.

  2. strong99 says:

    The same applies to the View Journal of quite some users. I can’t remember it from the previous entries as I normally check for some posts by the creator when I finish their game.

  3. kill0u says:

    From what I understand, authors are only the participants which posted the game.
    The other members (for JAM teams) are not considered as authors this way.

    You have to either post a game or write a post to have a journal / profile. Empty profiles simply do not exist.

    I’d recommend to every JAM participant to write a post about their game (and link to the entry), so that when they leave a comment people can access their journal and then rate the entry.

    • iambored2006 says:

      I see. But then, why would Pov mention this in the context of spambots? I mean, they don’t post games, right? He said that the criteria to being an author should be stricter because of smarter spambots.

  4. iambored2006 says:

    I think this problem’s been around ever since I joined, a year ago.

  5. sorceress says:

    Authors are users who can make posts. It’s not a special privilege.

    Everyone is an Author, unless you are identified as a spam bot.

    Users with empty profile pages simply haven’t made a post yet.

    • iambored2006 says:

      Thanks for the explanation! However, what if someone has participated in multiple LDs and hasn’t made a post? I should be able to see his previous entries. At the very least, newbies should be encouraged to make posts.

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