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May 6th, 2014 3:21 pm

So, for a refreshing change: this time most of the complaints are about audio :)

Most requested feature by commenters was music during the game!

I agree with this, it would have been better :)

So why didn’t I include it? Well, honestly, I don’t think my tunes are that great. I used music generated with jcgMusic and, don’t get me wrong, I think the result is fabulous considering the effort and time I needed to put into it. But I don’t think they are good enough to for backgound music during play; I feared they would get annoying quickly, so I only used them while waiting for game start, and on the congratulations screen after beating the game.

Vanishing audio!

This is really, really annoying! Some player said that audio stopped working after “Game Over”, or, at least, after some time. I also noticed some quircks while testing but, most of the time it worked just fine on Linux Firefox and Chrome.

This is a major problem. I need my games to have working sound effects. I used ImpactJS as a framework, and I was actually warned before the weekend by someone who also had audio troubles with the same framework. In the past I also had some issues with CraftyJS.

Is it possible to have decent HTML5 audio on games? Is the framework the guilty part, or am I using it wrong? If it is, what’s the least problematic solution JS/HTML5 games?

The good news

Judging by the comments, people seem to have fun playing Underground. I especially enjoyed knowing that someone hacked the JS code to get more lives and finish the game! :)

Anyway, here’s a video playthrough just to show it’s not that difficult (well, I do get killed two or three times 😉

Don’t forget to play and rate Underground.

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