Post-mortem for Princess Fart

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May 6th, 2014 6:27 pm

Alright, I think it’s a good time for writing a post-mortem for my game, Princess Fart!

The Story behind the making:

For the longest time, my friend Sophie was interested in game I was making, so she wanted to join in a bit. We decided to make a game about her, and what can I say about Sophie? She’s a princess, and she farts! There, we have our theme 😉
Then came the LD29 theme: Beneath the surface.

Erghh…. I don’t really want to send my princess underground! Ok, beneath the surface is gonna mean beneath the surface of the skin, there’s an alien! Not the best interpretation of the theme but that will do.

I started with the look of the princess. She had to look princessy, but not too beautiful. Just a bit cute. I was going for the Princess Peach look, but then I changed the hair to black, to match Sophie ;-D





Next, the first thing I worked on was the music. It might seem strange to make the music before the game, but it turns out it’s helpful to repeat your theme song over and over in a loop while you’re working. It helps you get into the mood. So I was done with practically all the songs before I wrote a single line of code.

Then I spent the next 2 days producing the intro for the game. I got a kick out of using Google Translate (yeah all the voice acting come from there!). At the end of the compo, I didn’t even have a game, but only a lovely intro. The good part though, was that I had a good scripting mechanism, which allowed me to separate code related to the game engine, and code related to the game’s scenario (like cutscenes, scripting events ect…). The last day was the third day of the Jam, and it’s when the gameplay and the rest of the graphics were finished.

I finally released the game, and BIG mistake. I really should have gone through a lot more testing before releasing it on Newgrounds. The game got tanked because everyone got stuck right after the intro: See earliest comments on


Oh well, I need to take a deep breath and relax. When you make a game especially for ONE person, you’re already a winner if that one person enjoys it. She didn’t even play the game, but watched as I played it in front of her (so she didn’t even have to go through the frustration of playing!) and she was happy. At the end, that’s all that counts.

That said, I really hope you all enjoy it too. A game about Sophie, my Princess Fart

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