Havoc2d Postmortem

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May 5th, 2014 9:34 am

I figured since this is my first entry, a few days have passed and I’ve received some feedback, it’s time for me to do my VERY FIRST POSTMORTEM! šŸ˜€


About Havoc2d:
You control a metal vehicle underneath a city, it has a punching device and a magnet. I don’t have a backstory to whoever is controlling this metal machine underground, but it doesn’t matter just yet. If you like destroying things, that is the purpose of this game. I reward you not with points but with auditory and visual payoffs.

If you haven’t played it yet, the entry is HERE

What went right:

The graphics- I am very proud of the visualsĀ inĀ this game. I managed to maintain a uniform style between vehicles and buildings, and the positioning and rendering of these elements worked out very very nicely. If you look at the time lapse of development, you will see that most of the 36 or so hours I spent developing this went into graphics alone/visual gimmicks.

The mechanics/inner workings- Everything seems to function very nicely.Ā I have a few bugs(drive in reverse when you start), and there are a few tweaks that need to happen, however compared to any other game I have half-finished(and trust me there are many many of them), this one functions the best as a complete game-ish arcade experience.

The brain sucking addicting feeling of playing-Ā This caused most of the things I wanted to add go unimplemented, as the game gained play ability as I was testing it, I would keep “testing” it longer and longer just because it was so much fun to watch and interact with.

The upgrade system- It is elementary at best, however, the upgrade system I added to this game really gave it some addictive qualities. That “addictive” feeling increased ten-fold when I added the 3 minute countdown timer. It really becomes a game against the clock to see how upgraded to can get your puncher and magnet before the time is up.

What went wrong:

The code- In a post-compo environment, I have to say this is very frustrating code to work with. I rushed through a lot of the coding aspects of the engine because I needed to save time. Many things that I would have coded and implemented behind the scenes would have been “long-term time investments” because the time-savings would kick in after a few weeks of programming or so. Ā For instance, I really should have formed a resource loading platform to go through, centralized all of the assets in some organized fashion(moreso than it currently is), and I REALLY REALLY should have not kept most of the game code in the main GameScreen.java file. I hate when I do that as it immediately makes the game hard to expand upon.

The Controls- These controls aren’t so good, I simply has WASD + Space, azerty folks are having trouble, and being right handed, I’m not so sure why I made things so dependant on my left hand while there really is zero mouse involvement in this game.

The Completion- I completed ONE aspect of this game, the cars. There was supposed to be 3 layers, Cars, sidewalk stuff(poles, stands, CARDSTANDS /b/ CARDSTANDS, fruit carts, newspaper machines), and the buildings should be more diverse, have funny company names/sayings, and be destructible. Ā Also, there was supposed to be helicopters, planes, all sorts of stuff. I was disappointed that I didn’t get far enough to even implement some sort of scoring system, however I was happy that I was able to submit something this year.

The Sound- I love the sound effects,Ā But I was going to produce some good fitting music to put in this game, and I wasn’t able to do that part :'( which makes me very sad as that is something I do very often. I was even possibly going to make the music interactive and respond to in-game actions. But it’s okay I’m sure we all expected to get much more finished than we did.

So, the end result? I have myself a game to work on, you guys have something to play around with for a few minutes/possibly more. I was very inspired and thrilled throughout this entire process! The theme voting, the theme unveiling, the quiet thinking moments right after, the IDEA, the explosive code/test/code/test session that follows, stressing, coding, drawing, thinking,wondering why it’s already sunday,and definitely the relief of that last hour passing and submitting the entry.

I will definitely be participating this august!

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