PlanetoLution – A Postmortem

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May 4th, 2014 5:36 pm

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Yeey! Ludum Dare 29! Explosive Planets!

I was thinking don’t participate in this one, not because I don’t want, but because I’m with too many things to do in this weekend – girlfriend at home, have to work on sunday, an app to finish to the next week… my feeling is the game will not happen.

But in the shower on friday – aways on the shower – I have a vision. I was thinking in experimental games, telling some kind of history, but this one hits me in the face like I was his bitch. I decided to explode planet on the shower.

The idea was a simple gameplay, nice effects, a visual flat-pixel-like, a music maded with DrumPads on my tablet. KISS.

So I started the development. I also recorded eight of twelve hours of my work. You can check it here if you want.

What’s went right?

The idea: It born in my mind like I was the Choosen One. Sharbel was surprised with the game idea (this is very rare to happen), and when I release it this is the major opinion.

The graphics: I really don’t know why, but I think it’s because the game have a intro. The intro show how the graphics are like that, so I think people like it.

The time: I don’t suffer with the time, acctually I made it very relaxing. Works perfectly. Someday I’ll put some energy on a Ludum Dare to see what I can do in these days.

The music. I make my second music in gamejams. And it’s not suck. \o/

What’s went wrong?

The gameplay: I could’t evolve it very much. If you focus on one planet, you win.

The balance: I doesn’t do it. So if you try to maintain two planets, you will suffer. If you on one, you’re immortal.

The post-compo: I don’t have time to take a good care of it, make it better because I was in a very complicated week.

But I don’t thinking in give up the game. Probably I’ll take some day in next week to work on it. It’s not so hard, I was make the sound effects, some basic music, and now I was thinking in add some animations (like when the played reaches some milleniuns the planets show something in that era), put some mechanics to make the game hard, and export it to mobile (because I was thinking on mobile all the time).

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