Rant: Unity is NOT Web

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May 3rd, 2014 8:03 am

As someone who uses Linux it’s annoying to see links to “Web” which are actually Unity. Unity doesn’t have a web player for Linux so I end up clicking on a lot of links to games I can’t play.

Suggestion: have a “Unity” link and use that instead of “Web”.


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  1. kill0u says:


    That's the thing which made me hate Unity. That and the shell interface with the same name 😛

    Alternatives suggestions:
    – Use "Unity Web [player]" instead of "Web"
    – Do not use Unity :) (well, ok.. half troll here)

  2. Huder says:

    “Unity” will be incorrect too because not always games made in unity must be web.

  3. Wasn’t aware that was te case, we’ve fixed it for our game now!

  4. GreatBigJerk says:

    Good point. I’ve updated my web version to say Web (Unity).

  5. reidrac says:

    Thanks for pointing this out and thanks to the gamedevs fixing their games.

    (another Linux user here!)

  6. StrykerKKD says:

    During rating it was a little frustrating for me too. 😀

  7. vladimirdlc says:

    It’s a valid point! Good post

  8. TobiasW says:

    Fixed mine! Sorry for causing trouble there.

  9. Lars Faust says:

    “Unity is NOT Web”

    Yes it is. The Unity Web Player is a Web Player. The fact that it does not run on one operating system does not somehow invalidate that. It is like saying HTML5 games are not “Web” because you are running a browser which does not support it.

    The extra click to find out it is Unity will not hurt you. A much fairer point to make would be to encourage more Unity-developers to add Linux builds to their submission, as Unity makes that really easy.

    • mjau says:

      It doesn’t cost you anything to write “Web (Unity)” instead of just “Web”, and saves frustration for some people who wants to check out your game.

      • TobiasW says:

        Then please, do “Web (HTML5)” too. Most HTML5 games run absolutely crappy in my Firefox browser, so I want to know when I have to copy a link and paste it to Chrome.

    • gigitrix says:

      If we’re going to be “technical” both Flash and Unity are not “web” since they are nonstandard proprietary plugins. Whereas HTML5 is just standard web syntax.

  10. Brian Stegmann says:

    So is Flash not web either?

  11. As Brian noted, a similar comment could be made for Flash, Java, Silverlight, or any web player that requires a plugin.

    mjau suggests, and I agree, that using “Web (Flash)” or “Web (Unity)” would be helpful and considerate. The way I understand “Web” is that it should run on most* browsers without any plugins.

    (*) Most is subjective and there is not 100% agreement but having the discussion will help us all figure it out as platforms evolve.

    Thanks everyone for the positive response!

  12. monika says:

    http://ludumdare.itch.io/ lets you filter out games by type. You might, for example, select “Flash” or “HTML5” from the left-most drop-down menu.

    It’s not a perfect solution, but it might help avoid frustration.

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