From Below – Postmortem

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May 1st, 2014 6:23 pm

From Below is my entry for LD29 jam rules, this is the second time I submited a game.
Play From Below here

Title Screen

The Concept

My first ideias were :

  • Something with subways
  • rats
  • living in the swears/slums
  • giant worms from beneath
  • monsters that cause earthquakes

Initial ideias

In the end I mixed the last two an I the main concept end up being “Giant worms cause earthquakes our job is to make them weak as possible”

I’m a programmer but I decided that I have to improve other skills (for this LD teh skill was just finish a game) so I choose Construct 2 to make the game so I wouldn’t have to program at all. For sound effects I picked sfxr and audacity and for music For graphics Photoshop and Illustrator.

Even before the compo started I knew I didn’t want to lose time trying to make art, so I used @KenneyWings assets pack


First the main character is the monster so the camera scrolls with him. In the begining there were walls in the sides of the level but that limited the movement to much so I remove the and let the player warp from on side to another. Since is a GIANT WORM moving beneath the surface I added diferent kinds off falling rocks that damage and throw the player down. To make the worm weaker so the earthquake would be weake as possible the player shoot lasers that can be upagraded with powerups, tha are not easy to get. When the worm hits the surface the highest earthquake is 10.0 and the lowest is 1.0.

The right and good things

  • Construct2 and KenneyWings pack were my best decisions because I was able to focus on the gameplay and could easely make chances in the gameplay when I thougth something was worng
  • The concept : I am really happy with the ideia I choose, with more effort it can be a much better game

The wrong and bad things

  • The difficulty : the game is hard, is frustrating to die, the plataforms are to short. I need to pratice level design
  • Only have one level, I wish I had time to make procedural generated levels
  • Better feedbacks to the player

From Below

PS. Sorry for my english I need to pratice that too.

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