SHITSHITSHIT – A short post-mortem

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April 30th, 2014 1:05 am




I did not like the theme.
I think that this is painfully obvious to anyone who plays the game.

Also, to reiterate what I said in the post-mortem for The Last Soul, I’m generally a happy, outgoing person (almost annoyingly so). But like anyone else, there are some things that sometimes pop up, shit hits fan, down the drain, FUBAR, etc…

In an odd way, perhaps since my Ludum Dare n°22 submission Solitas Exodae, this event brings out some of the darker bits of my personality.

Maybe it’s the themes? (Alone, Minimalism, Beneath the Surface, for some reason make me want to do arty-farty depression-wanks…)

Maybe it’s that the Ludum Dare calendar has an uncanny ability to sync up with more difficult times?

Or maybe sometimes I want to express the angsty teen that is still hanging around somewhere inside, and Ludum Dare has become my release valve for this?

In any case, here is SHITSHITSHIT, and it’s not a happy game. It doesn’t even revel in sadness. It’s angry, it will make you cringe, and probably hate me a little bit.

What went well:

  • I made this in 48 minutes so I didn’t have to spend more time on this than necessary
  • Some people like it
  • It’s actually quite funny when you take a step back

What went wrong:

  • Shit theme was shit (SO MANY GAMES WITH A SIDE VIEW OF THE SEA)
  • I had to spend a whole 48 minutes on this, which is longer than 0


See you around, I’ll be trying out your games, I’ve seen a few that are really good so far, and I always join a comment to my votes with a little critical feedback, so if you want the opinion of an angsty asshole who tries to be nice to people, drop me a comment with a link to your game and I’ll be right on it 😉

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