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April 30th, 2014 3:51 pm



Beneath the Surface, our original idea was to do something based on the adventure time episode revolving around having the best armor. It involved a David figure going up against Goliaths’ with a sling, Goliaths’ would be this ridiculously armor clad beings and David was this stripped down figure. Some cornball moral about it’s what’s underneath that counts.

Due to time constraints and judging by how I was feeling I didn’t think I’d be able to make all those graphics. We made the call to reuse the player graphics while fitting them inside a story about clones inspired by b scifi and bad japanese horror movies. Which is what the game is now.

I’m very familiar with drawing and painting nude figures so that was fun animating them and putting them in game. I liked how raw and bodily the animations were, so I wanted to do more with making things feel realistic and good or even exaggerate the realism but I think that’d be another game.

I’m usually not a fan of topdown perspective games, or never thought of making one, they just never strike me as visually interesting but this one was fun.  All in all really enjoyed this jam and the game we made, and hope to continue polishing it here and there.




If there’s one thing I’ve learnt by doing numerous game jams over the years, it’s that simplicity is the game jammer’s best friend. I feel like our game was successful in this regard. We decided on a simple game mechanic, and refined/polished it until the game felt good. Having that extra time to polish your game makes all the difference between whether a game is fun or clunky.

We had one programmer, one artist, and one musician, so our development had a neat division of labor. Because our game idea was simple enough, this gave me full control over the codebase, letting me prototype extremely quickly. I could hack away without worrying about someone else having to use my code.

I’m glad we explored a new genre to make a polished title. I’d call this Ludum Dare a success. Here’s to the next one!


You can play RAW here


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