Please, add something TO HIDE VOTED GAMES

Posted by (twitter: @SaintHeiser)
April 30th, 2014 6:20 am

Seriously, what about to make in the “all games list” checkbox “hide entries which I voted”.

Seriously, this has become not a joke anymore. With damn shuffle I must view all entries within a day. BUT I CANT!

Seriously it getting annoying. I want to view as much entries as I can. But damn shuffle pulls down all my efforts on zero.

Seriously, admins. Can hear me anyone?



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4 Responses to “Please, add something TO HIDE VOTED GAMES”

  1. mortus says:

    If you follow the “Play+Rate Games” link instead of the “View All Games” link, it will hide the games you’ve already voted on. But it’s not giving you the entire games list of course, so it’s not exactly what I believe you want. But it helps.

    Another thing you can do is to find some site with a full list of LD29 games – usually people do such lists – with links to each game, and just go down that list. It’s something I’ve done few compos ago.

    • Managore says:

      I think the “Play+Rate Games” link is a good enough solution but here is a list such as you mentioned:

      • SaintHeiser says:

        It’s looking promising, but there is no images. I con’t want to waste my time for obviously “weak entries”. I know, I can be wrong sometimes by this way, but it works in 95% cases.

        Only what I request is stupid damn banal usual regular ordinary checkbox, which hide games which I voted/viewed. I can’t understand – it’s hard to implement?
        I can make this stupid checkbox by myself if someone give me access to code and database…

  2. kill0u says:

    I was about to suggest you using this list ( but it seems broken now O_o

    (try it on older editions if you don’t know what this list is : for example)

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