Keep The Gem!

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April 30th, 2014 5:00 am

A few people seemed to enjoy it and so I thought I’d give it a shot and post my game here too.

It’s called “Keep The Gem!” 

It’s my first Ludum Dare Game, and the first game I made completely alone.

Keep The Gem Gameplay

A Gameplay Gif. You should really try be quick, then you won’t get buried!

For the game, instructions and tips please follow the Link:

Play the Game!

Can you beat my Highscore of 52 seconds? Write your Highscore in the comment section :)

I’m quite happy with the result. Sure there are problems with the physics: Some glitches will happen and if you play for too long it will get very laggy. I added the possibility to drop bombs, so that it’s possible to destroy some bodies if you/and/or the diamond get stuck, and I think it’s fairly playable like that. Putting more work in the physics engine would have cost too much time, and I really wanted to give the game a arcade-like gamefeel, so I put a lot of effort into optical feedback and sounds.

Except for the two Gunsounds I made every sound and music on my Gameboy using LSDJ.

Most of the game was made on my Surface Pro 2 while sitting in the train and I was really surprised how well it went.




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