IO – A post mortem!

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April 30th, 2014 3:15 pm

Lets see. Ludum Dare 29! Oh yeah! It was my first (and not last) ludum dare.
I created a puzzle game known as IO, The games mechanics were to shoot the
red tank, by reflecting the bullets of of mirrors, igniting bombs, blowing up
bricks and using portals. Original I had hoped to create ALOT more content,
But for 72 hours (Of which I porbably only worked 13) I was proud of myself.
I created a basic click n’ place system for the mirrors and a very pixel style
for the game, of which Star made the graphics.

What went well :

  • I finished the game!
  • I created (some) challenging levels!
  • Used a Portal (Valve Game) refrence/element!
  • Found a good soundtrack!
  • Used trusty ol’ sfxr!
  • Created a readmeplzineedtoberead.txt I was proud of!
  • LAMPS!

What did not go well :

  • I did not create the many other puzzle elements I had designed
  • Made a cruddy meny/you won screen
  • Failed to create many levels
  • Failed to crate more than 2 challenging levels
  • Spelling errors
  • My game did not relate enough to the theme
  • My time lapse died out D:
  • BUGS!
  • Bombs not removable once placed
  • Unremovable elements… removable (pre-placed portals)
  • 2 entry, 1 exit portal failure (which then ruined the difficulty of level 15)

But after this journey, I gained a game, To cherish, love and polish at my will. (when im not too lazy)
Oh, and some lovely reviews! – Give it a play



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