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April 29th, 2014 5:13 am

I was too tired to do a blog post last night after submitting, so here we are!

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They Lurk Beneath is a cross between Defender and “That Game Where You Drop Depth Charges On Submarines That I Can’t Remember The Name Of”. You must protect non-hostile ships from being dragged down to the depths by the Grabbers, while avoiding the onslaught of other sea creatures attacking your own vessel. Occassionally a lost city will start to rise and spawn some nastier creatures, and you must destroy the city before it surfaces, or it will spell doom for the whole world, or something.

Now onto the development bit.


  • We implemented everything we set out to do. Everything works. Hurrah!
  • I’m pretty happy with the graphic style (even if I say so myself) and the soundtrack turned out well.
  • Using Unity worked out well and made things easier.


  • We didn’t have enough time to balance the gameplay properly. As a result, it’s too easy. Until the city appears, and then it’s kind of too hard. It’s pretty difficult to actually lose all the ships before your own ship gets destroyed.
  • I think the BFXR sounds do the game a disservice and don’t gel with the soundtrack. That’s the nature of time limits though, and good quality sound effects aren’t really the highest priority.
  • We didn’t get chance to give the lost cities ridiculous HP Lovecraft style names. “The Lost City of G’sathothogh Is Rising!”

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although after judging I’d like to do a version 2 with better gameplay.  We’ll see!

Clicky here to play and vote.  Go on.  Play and vote.  DO IT NOW.

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