SFXR in like 98% of the games

April 29th, 2014 9:00 am

i swear if i play another game with sfxr sound effects i will rip my jaw off haha


i understand its quick and easy and really helpful and not everyone can make sfx but it seems about 98% of the games all have basically the same sfx .. creating sound is a fun part of it for me (altho i had no time to implement it this time round so i should shut up :)


i just will more people would be abit more creative with the sfx  :(

anyhoot ..im not complaining really.. just a thought




9 Responses to “SFXR in like 98% of the games”

  1. bakpakin says:

    I agree. I used sfxr for some some sfx, but I quickly found that a program like SunVox is only slightly more difficult to use for much better sounds.

  2. howieV (binarygirl) says:

    i didnt use anything for this one ( i cant complain really haha) ..

    normally i use propellerheads reason.. and i know not everyone has access to programs to create sfx
    but there must surely be a bit of free software for this purpose.. its just things like the ‘coin’ sound that drive me abit nuts.. im definitely not having a go ..just an observation :)

  3. lightsoda says:

    I’ll grab a microphone and some cats next time.

  4. howieV (binarygirl) says:

    thats the spirit man :)

  5. mortus says:

    Hey-hey, what a chance to self-advertise! Play my game as a break, it has decent amount of sounds and none of them are sfxr! 😀 It’s called ‘Greed for Gems’.

  6. KayZ says:

    I didn’t use sfxr either. Just my mouth and a mic. Don’t know if that’s better though 😀

  7. Ragzouken says:

    should come up with a list of tools for making sound effects – i usually use bfxr but lately i’ve been using audacity to get some weird sounds. it still takes some level of knowing what to do / what is likely to sound good though. it’s tough when you have to make all the sounds yourself – i have no idea how to make real sounds without recording them myself (rarely possible) or downloading from freesound (against the rules)

  8. howieV (binarygirl) says:

    im all for anything that isnt sfxr/bfxr ‘default’ coin sounds etc.. recording them yourself is great.. just anything that shows abit of creativity i like..

    like i said im not moaning :)

    i think someone has already compiled a list a free sfx/music software.. was a decent list if i remember.. il see if i can find it

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