Order of the Mind – Now on Linux and OSX

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April 29th, 2014 9:21 am

Explore the intriguing underbelly of PLANETNAMEPLACEHOLDER!

Now you can explore the intriguing underbelly of PLANETNAMEPLACEHOLDER on linux and osx, in theory ! What are npcs saying? And what is really going on between their ears? Plus get questions answered. Like – Can you find the teddy bear?

Lore? A planet name is born.

Yeah. So.. I forgot to name the planet before the deadline…and I don’t even have a name for it now so it’s not really a typo/fix. Opps. :) I want to name it after the element that’s used as fuel, Cuerlium, but then that might be confusing right? Planet Cuer? Yeah! And the battle of NAME was…. Battle of Creek Ludensen. The Master of the Order could be a Ludensen too, whenver I get to adding him in for a post ld-48 version.


Technical info for Linux/OSX

To run in either newly supported platform download and open a command prompt (apple key+space type, type terminal, press enter) then navigate to your download folder (cd Downloads –  I think) and type

./orderofthemindOSX or ./OrderOfTheMind

You may need to make it executable first by (Ubuntu: right clicking, choosing properties then clicking the executable checkbox).

or chmod +x orderofthemindOSX


Learn how I learned stuff!

To get the code compiled on ubuntu I installed virtual box, and used an ubuntu iso. I also enabled 3d mode in settings and installed the guest additions by mounting that iso found in virtual box folder to increase my screen res (640*480 makes me suicidal and homicidal – in that order).

Then I tried g++ main.cpp -o ootm on the command line, but g++ isn’t installed so it kindly tells you how to resolve that. I typed that command (sudo apt-get …)

Next was fixing compile errors yayyy! null_ptr or what I was using in MSVC isn’t defined so I just changed my if statements from if(apointer !=null_ptr) to if(apointer).

Also because I was using back() which is apparently new in c++11? So I had to add  -std=c++11 as an argument to g++. The error was something like “ error: ‘std::string‘ has no member named ‘back‘”


My memory is a little fuzzy on this honestly – g++/clang are the command lines but you need to download them as an addon for xcode. I used this link that I found from this thread, but you need a (Free) dev account . “Useless” comments solved my problem! What do you know?

This was giving me the same error about back() so I used both std=c++11 AND -stdlib=libc++ to get it working. this time. And then it worked. Yay.


Know an easy way to make them execute when you double click?

That’s the last task. I tried googling a bit before I gave up and usually ended up with “how do I get my shell script” blah blah. No promises I’ll actually get this done though.

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