Creating Auger with Vixle

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April 29th, 2014 2:56 pm

Auger, our LD Jam entry, was created with an alpha version of Vixle.  Vixle is a voxel-based game development engine that we are also building.  Here’s an excerpt of the full post-mortem:

Vixle’s First LD
When Kit and I discussed whether to compete in the most recent LD, we saw various pros and cons. When Vixle is finished, the ease of use and collaboration aspects will make it an ideal platform for both solo and team participants in game jams. Since it’s still far from finished, it wasn’t clear whether we’d really be learning anything from an attempt to use Vixle. The tools in Vixle are either incomplete (voxel and code editors) or non-existent (animation, texture, and particle editors), so we’d have to use external tools to create most of the assets. We also knew that a lot of our time would be invested in improving the Vixle engine, instead of working on the actual game. Despite all this, we knew our Kickstarter push could only benefit from having a working game. We also hoped that building a game end-to-end would be a trial-by-fire that would tell us a lot about the viability of Vixle in general.  [more]

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