Where Is My Bone? — Walkthrough

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April 28th, 2014 3:01 pm

Alright, I had a people or two stuck with my game, so I figured I’d do a walkthrough, huh…

Spoilers below~!

1. Bark at the door.
2. Smell the wine on the table.
3. Dig in the trash in the backyard.
4. Bark at your master.
5. Smell the litterbox in the house.
6. Dig in the backyard.
7. Smell the package in the frontyard.
8. Dig the clothes pile in the house upstairs.
9. Bark at your master.
10. Dig in the frontyard.
11. Open the trapdoor in the house.
12. Smell the stains in the cave.
13. Dig in the frontyard.

Congratulations! You found your bone! 😀

I’m so very sorry that the game lacks audio. It was that, or an actual questline… my deepest apologies.
Same goes with the lack for a proper ending screen.

I hope you liked the game, though!

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