“The Roots Of Evil” – Postmortem

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April 28th, 2014 3:45 am



This time I only had 12 hours available, but I’m really happy with how them turned out.


  • Solid design from the beginning – I knew this was the only way to get the game in time
  • Gameboy graphics – I was able to get the graphics up in a record time.
  • Simple graphics – A 4 color pallete and 8×8 sprites means a lot more content.
  • Discrete mechanics – The root mechanics gave the game a mixed feel between realtime and a turn based game.
  • The theme – I was juggling with miner and swimmer ideas but I finally came up with this and I’m really happy because now I’m seeing a lot of those kind of games. Extra innovation points!


  • Sound – I have to play around more with pxTone. The music I made was quite similar to the one in my last LD entry.
  • Preparation – I wasn’t prepared for this LD, I was on a new computer, with Windows 8…
  • Windows 8 – I can’t fit in this entry how much I hate this OS. Unity crashed way more often and I had to install an old version of .net framework to get something as basic as lists working on C#.
  • Internet connection – I did this LD from a friend’s house and his connection sucks. No need to explain what that means when you are developing.

That’s most of it. Take a look the result!

Play “The Roots of Evil”



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