Ramblings about my first LD

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April 28th, 2014 1:38 am

I completed my first Ludum Dare entry last night about 1 hour before the deadline. It was 2AM in my time zone. My original plan was to finish before midnight, because sleep is important. But in the heat of the moment, priorities shift. And completing my game to a submittable form became more important. And that’s how I went to sleep past 3AM. I wanted to do a blog post immediately, but I was too tired to do so. So what do I have to say this morning?

First, Ludum Dare is quite a ride. In only 48 hours conceiving a game idea, figuring out how to do it, and actually doing it evoked all sorts of emotion, ranging from frustration when a bug cost me valuable hours to questioning why I even signed up for this. Surely, on a weekend between two loaded weeks of work there should be more fun activities to do, right?

But in the end, the satisfaction that overcame me when something did work, and when in the end I had a little game I created out of nothing within 48 hours and can say “Yes! I did it!”, that answered all the questions and did away with the frustration.


Screenshot of my game, A Mole’s Life

This LD was for me mostly about learning. I challenged myself to use an environment I don’t have much experience in, and while I may have made a better or more complete game in my comfort zone called Game Maker, I have learned a lot. Even if I hadn’t finished, I felt that what I was doing this weekend made sense.

Looking forward to checking out the other games and to next time :)

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