I made a game called In The Cave. Well, it’s not really a game. It’s more like a half of a game.

Suffice to say, I didn’t completely complete it. I think my biggest problem was that I started late. Way too late to finish a game. The game is not ready and will not be ready in time. I’m not a good game designer and I won’t be in a while. That is the second problem. There is no fun factor.

And I get that a game isn’t always supposed to be fun, but I meant fun as in enjoyment. It was going to be poetic and moody. A NotGame™.

But poetic games need to still pose even the slightest puzzle. Mine was pretty much a walk, as in really just pressing the arrow keys until the game suddenly ends. I had thought to add jumping puzzles with water that kills, but I was running out of time and I couldn’t easily find a way to do this with regions in my middleware (Stencyl).

The one thing where I think I succeeded was the music. I flipped out a midi file of moonlight sonata and added autofilters and synths. That was good.

But you know, this was my third LD, and the first one I failed. And I think I could’ve done this if I had started earlier.

Hah. It always comes down to time, doesn’t it? Well, my current non-compo game calls, and I must follow…



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