It was different this time

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April 28th, 2014 5:35 am

I don’t know why, but this 29th LD48 compo felt quite different from the previous one. Last time I was psyched and went on a game making rampage. I was full of joy and remember it to be my best two days of 2013. This time I felt somehow depressed half way in the 48 hours. I had difficulties to conceive a concept that fits the theme, I found myself procrastinating and I was very close to scraping the whole project and starting from scratch with 15 hours left (glad, I didn’t). It got better towards the end and I’m really glad I finished.

Maybe I was overconfident at the start which led to some disappointment when I found myself struggling. I also started working before I had a clear vision of what kind of game I wanted to make. I had to interrupt my work several times in order to come to the point at which the precise mechanics of the game were clear to me. I think these are the things I can learn from this competition.

This is my finished game, Water Temple, which I’m less proud of then I hoped I could be:

[play and rate here]

Water Temple

Water Temple

However, I really enjoyed it towards the end when I realized I would finish something in time.

Have Fun!


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  1. pansapiens says:

    It’s like the “difficult second album” :) I remember feeling that way for my second Ludum Dare too actually. Game came out pretty good though, and I think it’s work further polishing and expanding.

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