Well, it’s been a long journey (not really, but it has seemed so!), but we’ve finally reached our destination. Kamikaze Snail, king among heroes, crazy mollusc, god of bazookas, is alive and kicking!

We’ve taken up to the last minute to finish and polish the games, but there have been a lot of mistakes, some unrealistic goals and a few other points. Alas, nobody is perfect, and so said our logo back in the olden times of LD28!

Anyways, I digress! Here are the conclusions we’ve drawn about this LD:

-There is never enough ice cream / chocolate.

-It is very important to consider your initial designs carefully before rushing them. In our case, we had a marvellous idea about recreating worlds made of blocks then destroying them, while keeping it at a massive scale. Our poor programmer paid the toll and had to devise some clever algorithm to deal with that, but we didn’t get as far as we intended. And actually, half the way there we realised we hadn’t even used those collisions, and only left them for a last minute thing.

-KISS. Yeah, I know, basic rule of life. But complex is so enticing :( Going for a crazy idea is fine if it’s a full-fledged project, but we’ve ended up with a risky bet: we had ‘no game’ till the past hours, and we shouldn’t gamble like that. Maybe next time we’ll decide to use place-holder graphics instead, and make a more scalable design.

-Vectors are beautiful, but Unity hates them. It’s incredible, but my art that took so many hours to complete looks absolutely awful on our game, despite being all vectorised, due to our choice of design and the inability of Unity to deal with vector stuff. Not only does it all weight much more, but also it has a resolution limit, and for our big-ass scale, that meant failure. Next time we’ll consider the scale and resolution issues more carefully before jumping the guns on huge-ass maps.

-Simple characters with a mixture of sprite and unity animations is much faster than trying to force everything into unity animation. I guess lack of dexterity and experience is important in this respect too, but hey, I get better every LD, so that’s covered!

-We are completely lacking at the sound/music resources department. Maybe I should look into it next time, I’m sure I can make some chirp tunes with a bit of practice.

So yeah, it’s not meant to be a full game but rather an entertaining demo with a 5-20 mins lifetime. Ergo next time we’ll try to come up with some simple yet scalable idea that includes procedural solutions, and see how it goes!

Overall it’s been a fun experience, as always, if only a bit frustrating due to the untimely release of Dark Souls 2 for PC just hours before the start of the jam.

How about you guys? How did you fare? :)

Kamikaze Snail

Kamikaze Snail

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