End of day 3, the game isn’t done but I am -__-

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April 28th, 2014 3:10 pm

Not where I wanted to be, but I’m exhausted so here’s the final build for the weekend ~~> linky <~~

I’m not gonna submit it because there’s still no audio, nothing *happens* when you get hooked and close to the monster, and since I’ve only just finished the monster model the collision on it is *awful* and I’m not sure how to get it nice and I’m sooooo tired already -__-;

I might fix it up eventually but the odds are, like every project I care about it’s gonna be unfinished forever, sorry.

7 Responses to “End of day 3, the game isn’t done but I am -__-”

  1. ViKing Games says:

    ^ Relevant ^

    I’d love to see this game completed, it’s one of the games I looked forward to the most this Ludum Dare. 😀

  2. abuzreq says:

    sounds epic 😀 , I would love to see this game finished

  3. SnoringFrog says:

    This looks awesome. I hope you find the motivation to finish it.

    Or even just convert it to a short “movie” just so I can see more than this quick clip.

  4. NicoM says:

    Well it’s impressive even unfinished, so great job:)

  5. Glockenspiel says:

    How did you do the waves? they look pretty awesome

  6. Make A Game says:

    What a shame, I saved a link to one of your posts so I wouldn’t miss playing and rating it later.
    There are far more unfinished games submitted than what you have here.
    Don’t give up!

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