Debris. A game based in space

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April 28th, 2014 1:49 pm

Space is about as far away from “beneath the surface” as you can get really. Although one could argue that if you go really really really far below the surface, you sorta come out the other side and end up in space.
Regardless, this has bunker-busting nukes, they bury themselves under the surface of stuff and explode, it’s a different kind of explosion than surface nukes, in this case, not enough to break up a large asteroid, but enough to knock it off course.

So I made this game in a few days. I’m not an artist, nor a voice actor, so I’m entering the jam with some free NASA models, and the voice of some Canadian bloke called James Something. (No really)

The game itself is pretty simple in theory, but I aimed for those sortof awkward controls that are getting popular these days. The great thing is that controlling stuff in space is awkward anyway. You can control Pitch (or Patch, as I wrote at 5AM), Yaw, Roll as well as thrusting up/down, forward/back and sideways strafe. Of course being in effectively 0g environment means that momentum is a bit of a killer, and it takes just as long to slow down as it does to get to that speed.

Honestly it’s a difficult game, I think some people will get a bit frustrated, but it’s visually nice, and I’m quite happy with the physics of everything.

You can play it Here and view the Ludum Dare page Here

Ratings and feedback are much appreciated. Let me know if you manage to win too, because honestly It’d be quite an accomplishment!

I’ve tentatively added Oculus Rift support, though I don’t own a device, I need someone to test it out before I release to the public.

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