Thought Police – Recap of Day 1

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April 27th, 2014 12:06 pm

Whoops, I got so involved in making cool games (and sleeping) that I didn’t post what we got up to on Saturday! The most important thing is that our game finally has a name – Thought Police. It’s apt, trust me.

To summarise:

I planned out the initial stages of the games paths in Twine.

Because Ren’Py is a text-only engine, it’s difficult to visualise the structure of your story. As such, Twine, the interactive fiction construction software is great to do planning.

I planned out the first half of the game, and it looked like this:

twine layout ludum dare GrooveMan

I find it really difficult to write interactive stories with wildly separate branches. Even though I fully intended to have notably different branches, I still ended up with a ‘core’ to the story. Welp.

More after the break.


I teamed with Aryn to do character and costume designs.

I goddamn love doing costume designs. But drawing is not my strength, so when doing concepts, I like to do moodboards that set a base theme for clothing inspirations. For example, here’s the moodboard for the main character – Alexis Bambrilla:

ludum dare, Thought police, moodboard, character design, costume design

And this is what Aryn put together:



I did some coding stuff kinda-sorta.

So the game’s chief mechanic is reading the emotions of an interrogation subject. This has a readout on screen, and it changes as the subject gives statements.

It’s not a very sophisticated setup, but I always marvel when I manage to Code A Thing and it doesn’t break horribly. It wasn’t much of a looker the day before – but today I managed to get them looking pretty sweet:

emotioncalmBut that’s for a different blog post.

We also ate a huge amount of beef stew, had countless cups of tea, and ate Pocky while in dressing gowns.


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  1. This looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome! Are you getting it submitted for compo or jam? Or let me know when I can play it 😀

  2. GrooveMan says:

    It’s for the Jam – neither of us are multi-talented enough to make all of the resources from scratch. We’re on good course to finish on time, and hopefully I’ll have enough time at the end to add some textbox and menu polish~

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