Thought Police – Day 2 Roundup

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April 27th, 2014 8:43 pm


…Wow, I’m tired.

We covered a hell of a lot today, but it can probably be all summed up in one screenshot:

demo screenshot 2

Thought Police, if the name wasn’t a good enough hint, is a crime-thriller Visual Novel. More details below the cut.

It’s been an ambitious project for both of us. For me, it’s the longest and most complex interactive fiction I’ve written with an honest-to-goodness game mechanic in it.

For Aryn, he says it’s been a long time since he was challenged to ink so many characters in such a short time. We’re both perfectionists of a sort, and have trouble with not burning time fussing over the little details.

Okay, so about the game itself. That ‘Calm’ icon on the HUD is the game’s main gimmick. The protagonist, Alexis Brambilla, left, has been given access to a body scanner that can discern emotions of interrogation subjects.

Some of the testimony given by Jacek Klimy, right, is at odds with the emotions he’s expressing. Finding the truth without upsetting Jacek too much is the key to seeing the game’s ending (which isn’t too difficult, all told).

I’m also really happy with how the game’s colour palette turned out. The art isn’t consistent in style (I’m the one who did the background, and you can definitely tell), but some of our successes are definitely things I’m proud of:


Hell yeah.

At this stage the story and major coding has been done, along with base images for all the characters. Now all that’s left are alternate poses, expressions and graphical/sound effects. We’re exhausted, but we’ll definitely finish this Jam.

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