The Goblin Inside

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April 27th, 2014 7:01 pm

Hello everybody!

So this is our entry for the Jam: The Goblin Inside. Let me introduce you to the game and the story behind it!

The Goblin Inside

In this game you play the role of a young blonde girl who goes to a disco forced by her friends. She doesn’t like those places, as people tend to invade her personal bubble and that makes her angry. When they do, she unveils the little goblin beneath her surface, which rages the hell out and smashes everyone in the disco.I’m a game development student and have just participated in one other game jam before, but been following Ludum Dare for some years. I wanted to participate this time, but also wanted to show my girlfriend how my world looked like when not with her. So, we started making the game during saturday evening and participate in the Jam instead of the Compo, although we finished it in Compo’s time. We’ve enjoyed a lot even though my girlfriend isn’t an artist or a musician, and I can’t stop enjoying making games! I’m sure she now understands this world a bit more, and we’ve shared it :)So, for the post-mortem:

What went right:

  • We’ve managed to finish the game: this is probably the best thing of them all. Finishing something is always better and more rewarding than taking it to a far state but having to drop it.
  • We’ve set a quick pipeline: I knew some programs and tools (Aseprite, Abundant Music, Unity3D, …) so I could help my girlfriend with them while I programmed. That made her feel more confortable with the work she did. I also know a bit about game development, so we didn’t get stuck at any time.
  • We started to find our pace just in time: we had a slow start, but as soon as we begun making some assets and the first prototype it started to take off pretty quickly. However, time flew!

What went wrong:

  • Proper seat: when you spend some hours sitting on a sofa or any other place where your stance isn’t adequate, you start to feel it in your body.
  • Fatigue: after a week of hard work for both, including a milestone in my Magister’s final project, we were pretty tired when the weekend arrived. Our productivity only improved after a full night of resting from saturday to sunday.
  • Limited time: we didn’t spend the whole weekend making the game but we took our time to go buy some food, cook and sleep when necessary. That’s not really a bad thing, but it slowed down the project. We still had a day to complete Jam’s 72hrs but we can’t spend that extra day due to our day jobs. We knew how to manage ourselfs to make the game in 48hrs max, so yeah, it’s a 50/50 thing :)

Overall, we created the game we wanted to, without some features which were pretty ambitious. So we’re happy with it, and hope you can enjoy it too!
The game can be played via web (Chrome recommended, it’s Unity) following this post’s initial link, but I’ll be working on an Android port and an OUYA one during the next days.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, it’s been a pleasure!
Now, let’s play some other entries!

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