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April 27th, 2014 6:41 am

I couldn’t do anything on Saturday as I was busy with freelance work that took far longer than I anticipated but I did start doing a mind map and thought about what I could do. So here’s what I managed to cook up in terms of ideas using a program called Freemind:


Started early this morning with a mind to do just one level as that is all I’ll have time to do today. The game itself is called Gold Hunter and is a clone (of sorts) of Lode Runner, with the object being to collect the gold and avoid the enemies (Troggies) who can smell you but cannot see you.

Here’s a screenshot of the game (no sprites or level assets yet) running:


And here’s the latest shot of the mockup of the part done level structure:


Just taking an hour off before I get back into it! :)

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