Miner Matter

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April 27th, 2014 6:53 pm

I did it! I turned the simple physics concept into a game! I’m pretty happy with this one.  The pace of the game is a lot slower than I originally planned.  It’s pretty hard to have things all your own way when it comes to physics libraries.  The game is pretty fun, I think. It takes a lot of patience to keep the carts from spilling everywhere but you can’t go too slowly as there is a timer on each level.



The graphics turned out OK.  I think they’re a bit grungier than I would have liked but our hero is down a mine after all.


I didn’t have time to add a lot of polish I would have liked:

  • A roof to the mine
  • Support struts
  • Sparks while braking
  • Other minecart trains whooshing around in the background
  • Parallax scroll
  • Any sound whatsoever

But that is always the case when I enter LD :)



Here’s the submission page if you want to try it out


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